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Mediterranean Cuisine and Bakery

served with love!

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"The Shawarma is cooked crispy-edged and juicy yet seems greaseless. It's surely the neighborhood's finest specimen."

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"One of the 20 Cuisines You Probably Didn’t Know L.A. Had. Highlighting Chicken Shawarma and Safeeha."

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"A menu that features daily-baked safeeha from a stone oven, beef and chicken shawarma, kebabs. Everything is made-in-house here, with the fresh-baked breads."

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Located in Palms near Culver City, Los Angeles. Kabab Grill is a traditional family-owned Mediterranean cuisine and bakery. The Chef comes from a family with several professional chefs back in Syria.

Linda Burum, Special to the Los Angeles Times, wrote an article about Kabab Grill when it was founded in 2011.

She said "Life at Kabab Grill revolves not, as its name suggests, around a grill for its kebabs but around an imposing stone oven. The 4-by-6-foot custom-made behemoth dominates the open kitchen at this otherwise modest 2-month-old cafe in Palms. "Last week we roasted a whole stuffed lamb in it for someone's party," owner Firas, who comes from Syria, tells a customer, clearly proud of his oven's prowess." More about the Kabab Grill story >